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Why I must win the 2020 

Zwift RUN Academy?

Hi, I am Rodouane and I'll explain why it would be a disgrace not drafting me for Berlin marathon.

I competed during 3 weeks at an insane intensity level. I completed not 2 but 18 races, actually every EMEA timezone races available during 3 weeks. Running up to 3 times a day. I won ALL of them. ALL. I won every single race and register the 3rd best time across the world.
But first, what is Zwift?

The E-sport best tool

Zwift is the new application, in a virtual world you produce real watts like in real life. It's neither easier nor harder, it's just different. Today, it is a professional tool allowing people around the world to compete at pro or amateur level. The first UCI world championship just took place in december. Its is REAL. Not a 'spare tool' anymore you have professional cyclists and soon professional runners.

The Star Academy for runners
And what is the RUN Academy ?

The run academy is a program for Zwift runners at every level to push themselves to their limit. And for a bunch of people the possibilty to enter Berlin Marathon and show the world their skills and that they are the best of the best. I

My Stryd pod, my Best friend

To ensure to have the best data matching real life performance, I ditched the zwift pod for a power meter, delivering best in class precision. Every stride is critically analysed and it ensures a no cheating method from myself. I can't touch the treadmill bars because of the power drop, and of course I can't stop running to catch my breath.

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I performed like a Running god

18 wins on 18 races. No one even saw me crossing the finish line with the insane pace I developped. I never even experienced being second for a second. I led from the first yard to the last.

Did it in two weeks

Both the workout and the races, performed most often twice a day. your 8 weeks plan is a 8 day training for me. Oh and I did it along with the TRI academy, just saying...

Performed at world class

On the specific Strava segment of the academy i delivered the 3rd best performance. But i could beat those two guyz because of the timezone. Let me crash them 🙂

50 shades of winning

3'10 or 2'55 ? I paced myself Vs the competiton, or not depending on the mood. Crushed my 5000 PR without any competitor on that specific race ...I performed as well some Z2 racing like it was a footwalk along with some MASSIVE sprint on 22+kmh.

Wins on run races

19.3 average speed on races

Trained and raced with STRYD, no cheating possible, every stride and steps is took into account

Days to achieve

Workouts / Races

Km raced

Wins out of 16 races

All the trainings and all the races are power recorded on Stryd and access it here
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3rd best performance on the segment during the academy !

My Run Academy data files

Access all the logs / recap of the run academy workouts and races